A Taste of Tradition – Harvest Reserve Port Wine Jam

As summer ripens across our Appalachian home, the elderberry bushes are once again about to be heavy with their inky clusters. Each berry is a testament to the patience and care that goes into growing these incredible fruits. This year, I’m excited to share something special with you—a limited release of our Harvest Reserve Port Wine Jam, a delightful nod to both tradition and creativity.

A Seasonal Celebration

Creating an elderberry jam has always felt like a natural extension of our work at Brew Naturals, but it’s never been just about filling jars. It’s about capturing a moment in time—the essence of a summer harvest, the rich flavors of ripe berries, and the deep connection we have to our community and land.

For years, many of you have reminisced about elderberry jam. Your stories, filled with memories of picking and cleaning these tiny berries, inspired me to bring this cherished treat back to life. This jam is a celebration of those memories and a way to honor the generations that have enjoyed elderberries before us.

Listening to Your Stories

When you share your experiences with me, it’s more than feedback—it’s a conversation that shapes what we do next. For seven years, the request for elderberry jam has echoed through our markets and messages, especially from those who fondly recall it from their past. These stories kept coming, painting vivid pictures of family kitchens filled with the aroma of simmering berries and the satisfying pop of sealing jars.

Your enthusiasm and memories guided us in creating the Harvest Reserve Port Wine Jam. We wanted to bring back that traditional taste but with a twist that makes it uniquely ours. Adding a splash of port wine does just that—it deepens the natural sweetness and adds a layer of richness that complements the elderberries perfectly.

A Labor of Love

Producing this jam was no small task. It takes a significant amount of elderberries to create just one batch, and we’ve been carefully gathering and preparing these berries to ensure every jar is filled with the best our harvest has to offer. We’ve stayed true to our commitment to quality, using only the finest ingredients without resorting to fillers or shortcuts.

Enjoying the Limited Release

Our Harvest Reserve Port Wine Jam is a limited release, capturing the spirit of this season's bounty. We hope it becomes a delightful addition to your summer table. Spread it on warm toast, pair it with cheese, or savor it straight from the jar. Each spoonful is a celebration of the rich traditions and vibrant flavors that elderberries bring.

This jam is a small, sweet slice of what we do at Brew Naturals—honoring the past while adding a touch of modern creativity. It’s not just about a product; it’s about sharing a moment and a taste that connects us all. Due to the microbatch nature of this offering, find us out at one of our regional events to get your own jar of this delightful offering, or email me to inquire about availability (brewnaturals@gmail.com).

Looking Forward

While this jam is a special, seasonal treat, it’s also a part of our broader commitment to reimagining elderberries as a vibrant part of your culinary life. We’re excited to see how you’ll enjoy it and look forward to bringing more unique and flavorful elderberry products to your table in the future.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for sharing your love of elderberries with us. Here’s to celebrating the simple, delicious moments that bring us together!