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Real Ingredients

You will never find funky ingredients on our labels because we believe in real, clean flavors from real, clean ingredients. We avoid all unnecessary ingreidents + only add things that will truly elevate the flavor!

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Delicious Taste

Ever wonder why different Elderberries have such vastly different flavors? From ingredients to sourcing, the taste can vary dramatically. We believe in having a warm flavor without being spicy, making it versatile in your kitchen + adored by your palate.

Tantalize Your Taste Buds

Full Body Wellness

Elderberry is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants across the globe. They are packed with antioxidants, fiber, flavonols + have anti-inflammatory properties. We encourage you to explore incredible superfood + how it can elevate your life.

Our favorite elderberry recipes

What People Are Saying

So happy that the recipe is shelf stable now! I can stock up and never worry
about running low.

C. W.

We’ve really enjoyed using this to boost our immune systems in the fall! It tastes delicious (my 3 yr old loves it, too), and has worked well thus far!!

S. H.

I either put it in tea, flavor my water, add to my protein shake or take a daily
dose straight.I highly recommend!

K. W.

I enjoy it straight up to feel better, but I had a gin and elderberry syrup tonic this
summer that was pretty much the best cocktail I’ve ever had.

S. V.

On a few occasions, I’ve felt like I was getting sick and took a big dose at night. In the morning my scratchy throat was gone and I never got sick! Plus it tastes good!

R. S.

I enjoy mine straight from the bottle or in tea. Makes a great present in a
basket with other goodies!

S. S.

My youngest mixes it into his applesauce for lunch every day at school.
My favorite way to use it is in hot cider!

J. B.

This is such tasty elderberry syrup, our whole family loves to take it. I could drink it up like a juice!

Z. S.

Our kids are huge fans of the gummy recipe and popsicle recipe. Couldn’t be easier to get the kids excited about elderberry.

S. P.

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