Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup 16oz 3 Bottles Bundle

Brew Naturals Elderberry Syrup - 16 oz - 3 Bottles

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Discover the rich, inviting flavors of our original product, Elderberry Syrup, your natural gateway to enhanced wellness and culinary delight. Lovingly crafted from fresh, regionally sourced Appalachian elderberries, our syrup stands apart as a delicious, functional food that's far more than a mere supplement. Each bottle is a testament to generations of wellness wisdom, packed with nutrients and free from unnecessary additives like starches, gums, and thickeners. Perfect for boosting your favorite recipes or enjoying straight from the spoon, our woman-owned brand invites you to embrace a healthier, more joyful approach to everyday nutrition. Elevate your wellness journey and your table with the native superfruit of Appalachia! Add our Elderberry Syrup to your cart and embrace the 21st century versatility of this traditional delicacy.

This package is designed for my serious fans of elderberry syrup. Each bottle is 16 oz and represents 32 servings.

This product is shelf stable until opened, after which it needs to be refrigerated and is best used within 3 months, for optimal flavor consistency.

The best part? The three bottle purchase comes with FREE SHIPPING!